00 - Pre Design
The first step is a face to face meeting with you at the project site to understand your needs and aspirations for your project. This is where we piece together your brief and other requirements including time frames and budget. Once we have this information we then review and analyse the existing conditions of the site and surrounding context, including any planning restrictions.  
Some of the things we look out for;   
- Where is north? Important for making the most of your site's orientation   
- Views to and from the site   
- What are your objectives? More space, better daylight, connecting living zones with the outdoors etc? 
- Need re-stumping and other remedial works?   
- Heritage overlay, vegetation overlay, flood overlay?   
- Owners corporation need to be notified?  
This list can be quite extensive, but helps us enormously if you have a rough brief of what you'd like to achieve before we meet.
After this initial meeting and gathering further information we can provide you with a detailed architectural services proposal, breaking down all the steps, what is involved & time required.