Lt. Collins Apartment


The clients approached us for this project with some unusual, but fun details in mind. The wish list went along the lines of 'monkey bars hanging from ceiling, reading nook, kids space, integrated gym equipment, a conversation pit, leather floor tiles, improve the amount sunlight, an overall fun place to grow up and of course a rock climbing wall'. With a wish list like that, how could we say no.

This apartment fitout allowed us to gut the whole interior and start from scratch. We ended up integrating a 'balcony' space, poly carbonate sheet walls to let light penetrate through the rooms and of course the rock climbing wall/hall. SO many elements and a real challenge, the result was exciting for kids of any age. 

Credit: Tatjana Plitt Photography

Client: young couple with 2yr old daughter

Brief: complete internal refurbishment of a two bedroom apartment

Project Status: Completed

32nd Dulux colour awards 2018 finalist.  Check it our below;