As your architect we can manage the entire design and construction process, end to end. We help you set a realistic budget, guide you through the town planning process, obtain competitive quotes for the work, manage sub consultants, monitor the budget and administer the contract through the construction period to ensure you get the quality and level of finish you expect whilst maintaining design integrity.  Your building will be designed to be energy efficient, to sit comfortably in the context of your land by maximising the best aspects of your site and orientation. It will then be customised to compliment your specific requirements, budget and style. 

Architects add value! Building a new home, extension or office space, is likely to be the one of the biggest single transactions that you will make. Architect-designed buildings are highly desirable in a market that is prepared to pay for the benefits and enjoyment of good design.   We believe that Architecture plays a huge part in our daily life - whether in the home, at work or enabling rest, good design can be life changing.

If you would like to know more about how we work, the following steps are typical to most of our projects;

Step 1

Pre Design

The first step is a face to face meeting with you at the project site to understand your needs and aspirations for your project. This is where we piece together your brief and other requirements including time frames and budget. Once we have this information we then review and analyse the existing conditions of the site and surrounding context, including any planning restrictions.  
Some of the things we look out for;   
- Where is north? Important for making the most of your site's orientation   
- Views to and from the site   
- What are your objectives? More space, better daylight, connecting living zones with the outdoors etc? 
- Need re-stumping and other remedial works?   
- Heritage overlay, vegetation overlay, flood overlay?   
- Owners corporation need to be notified?  
This list can be quite extensive, but helps us enormously if you have a rough brief of what you'd like to achieve before we meet.
After this initial meeting and gathering further information we can provide you with a detailed architectural services proposal, breaking down all the steps, what is involved & time required.

Step 2

Schematic Design

We then start to develop a project vision and strategy in collaboration with you.

We develop the brief even further with specific details from the initial meeting and further discussions with you. If the project is a renovation or alteration and addition we'll come out and do a detailed measure up of the existing conditions of the building and work from here with accurate drawings & measurements.

We then start to work through floor plan options with you which look at the opportunities of the site and how we can best respond to the design brief.

Step 3

Design Development

Once you confirm the preferred concept we proceed into further developing the design. We refine the floor plans, propose exterior elevations and materials to be used and start to explore interior details which are critical to the look and feel of the space.

The design is developed through 2D & 3D presentation methods and presented to you incrementally to obtain your feedback right through the process. Its very important to us that you the client know exactly how the design works and looks. 

Depending on the overlays of the site, size of the block, planning restrictions in general, the design may require town planning approval from your local council. If so, we are required to produce additional documentation, reports etc. 

Step 4

Town Planning

Depending on the project, a town planning permit or development approval may be required by local council. This can be triggered by a number of factors; including the size of the site, planning overlays and other planning controls. de.arch provide services to prepare and lodge planning applications to council and represent you throughout the process. These can include, neighbourhood & site descriptions, shadow diagrams, Rescode reports, traffic management reports, landscaping plans, water authority approvals etc. 

Generally speaking, this process can take between 3 - 6 months once the documentation has been lodged.

Step 5

Construction Documentation

We pride ourselves on delivering clear and accurate documentation including construction plans & detail drawings, interiors, furniture layouts & selection, colours/materials, lighting plans, specifications and schedules to ensure the project can be understood and accurately priced by builders and then constructed. de.arch also cross references consultant documentation with architectural documentation to form the full package of information for the project.

Some of the additional consultants that may  be required for your project include;

-Structural engineer 
-Services engineer 
-Land Surveyor 
-Building Surveyor 
-Energy rating assessor 
-Traffic management consultant 
-Landscape architect

Step 6


Once drawings and associated documentation are complete, we can organise for the project to be accurately priced. This involves issuing the tender package to typically 3 - 4 selected builders (depending on the size of the project) who we can recommend and are the right type of builder for your project. 

This is the best way to achieve a fair and competitive price and to arrive at a construction cost that is in line with your budget. We can also negotiate and value manage the project with the builder where required.

Step 7

Contract Administration

This step starts once construction is underway.

During this stage the architect typically administers the building contract between you and the builder. de.arch can be the contact person on your behalf, any queries that the builder has on site, we can manage for you as well as keeping you informed of progress. This involves programming, site meetings, quality checks, instructions to the builder, assessing progress claims from the builder and overall ensuring design integrity is maintained.